2004-09-02 01:49:30 ET

So I've been a month in the little-big city of Tel-Aviv, and frankly, not much has changed.
Same getting drunk wednesdays, same weekend madness, same empty feeling inside.
Louder music on my stereo though ;-)

Someone sent me a picture of me taken at a club, where I'm all-into-the-music or drunk or something, which some dude put on a kiddie metal forum, and marked himself in the background..
I donno why, but it's a funny pic:

Other than that, the bidding for my schoolyear schedule starts in a week, feelin' kinda anxious..

:: Listening to: Fixmer/McCarthy - Come Inside ::

2004-09-02 02:47:09 ET

hi..its been awhile.
=) how are you?

2004-09-02 11:11:18 ET

Shay ata kuson, and give some credit you fucker :>

2004-09-02 11:12:50 ET

Ali - Hey hey girl, I'm kewl, how's it been?
Asi - I own biotch. And what credit? u just mentioned it, u didn't send it to me basof. Do u happen to know where it's from? I've never seen the original pic, I wanna see the rest of the pix from that night.

2004-09-02 12:42:24 ET

*updated - uploaded the pic to my site

2004-09-02 14:21:01 ET

its been good...i like that picture above.

whats been shakin' bakin'?

2004-09-03 05:02:40 ET

It's from some metal-kiddies forum, I don't remember right now, but it was in a thread where everybody posted their own pictures, not one dedicated to a specific party. I don't even recognize the place...

2004-09-04 04:28:44 ET

Ali - yeah, it's funny. Eh, you know, this n' that. Moved to my own place in Tel-Aviv.. School starts mid-October.. THat's about it.

Asi - You know what metal-kiddie forum? Maybe I can ask that monkey. It's the Azimuth.

2004-09-04 21:44:21 ET

you look so stoned man...
its a kewl pic. almost forgot how you look like! (kiddin'!)

2004-09-05 02:50:46 ET

where is tel-aviv? sounds all good though. =)

2004-09-06 13:04:10 ET

Tel Aviv is the Israeli metropolis. Stretches from the beach inland :)

Itay - Haha, I probably am.

2004-09-06 14:36:49 ET

oh, how cool =)

2004-09-07 10:47:58 ET

yeah it's rockin'

2004-09-07 11:01:52 ET


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