Tales of Human Waste
2004-10-28 10:58:53 ET

Well, what can I say;
School doesn't suck,
It's just really time-consuming.
When I'm not at Uni slaving away at the books, I whore out more hours at the comicstore to pay the bills.
What little semblance of a social life I had has turned into a confusing mushy papier-mashe-sculpture of weirdness, drama, apathy and empathy.
Somedays I dunno what the fuck, the next I don't care what the fuck.

And if you think this post was confusing, take a look at the cats in front of my house:

:: Listening to: KMFDM - Leid Und Elend ::

2004-10-28 18:28:10 ET

That's pretty creepy.

2004-10-28 18:56:30 ET

mein elend!
mein leid!

2004-10-28 22:33:56 ET

Stop throwing the dead bodies out the window and you won't have that problem.

2004-10-28 22:34:33 ET

the lovely liron makes a good point, shay!

2004-10-28 23:44:26 ET

that's my new wallpaper!

2004-11-01 08:35:57 ET

Angel - tre creepy indeed
Lars - KMFDM \m/ SUcKS!
Liron - Did you see a sign out in front of my house that said "Dead nigger storage"? You know why you didn't see that sign?
Cause storin dead niggers aint my fuckin business!
Actually, it's cuz Noa hasn't made me one yet. ^_^
Lars - Watchit ;)
Noa - There's more where that came from. I did a whole shoot :D

2004-11-09 10:34:47 ET


2004-11-09 11:26:04 ET

how perceptive *snicker*

I like the kitties. I like watching he old lady feed them, they so cute.

2004-11-28 06:12:41 ET


2004-11-28 10:55:11 ET

plotting world domination?

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