2004-11-08 07:45:29 ET

Today I was brought back to the realm of the living (i.e. woken up) by some lady having a nervous breakdown or something in the street. She was yelling at these Contractor's workers for hours and hours, random passerbyers too I think.
I wonder how that ended.

Anyway, another day in University.
Today in Statistics we learned to beat the odds of a Roulette, and the Monty Haul trick.
In Metaphysics we learned that those of us who believe in God have reason to believe anything outside of them exists, and those who don't may very well be living in a simulation.

Yay! I feel so educated.

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2004-11-08 13:04:33 ET

i have no problem believing I live in a simulation. ;)

2004-11-09 11:30:39 ET

If only that were true! At least there would be some kind of certainty! ;)
I actually think I'd feel relieved, even if I knew I could never escape, and this is the only reality I will ever face, I think knowing deep down that this is all just a simulation and there's a realer place somewhere out there would be comforting. Much like believing in Heaven or something.
Eh, anyway, so me too.

2004-11-14 17:20:20 ET

*brain hurts*

2004-11-16 11:03:07 ET

well said.

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