I proved I'm a brain in a vat and all i got was this lousy t-shirt
2004-11-21 10:27:52 ET

parties, school, school, parties.

this seems to expain a lot of my professors. To the best of their inability.
In other news, I'm compketely exhausted, I need a vacation, and no vacation is anywhere in the horizon. :/

*le sigh*

:: Listening to: Alter Ego - Rocker ::

2004-11-21 11:26:52 ET

parties, school, school, parties.
Parties?! In my case it's just school, school, school, school, school, some more school, school... no parties. :\

2004-11-21 13:14:34 ET

חרשנית ;P

2004-11-21 13:45:53 ET

yeah, right. you're not studying graphic design, the workload is horrendous...

2004-11-21 17:36:56 ET

come to california again!

2004-11-22 09:09:08 ET

חרשנית ;P

2004-11-22 09:09:37 ET

Lars - *cries*

2004-11-22 17:08:10 ET

there there
once i have loads of money, ill come to israel, dammit!

2004-11-22 21:24:57 ET

stop whining!!!
now for real, i kindda envy you, man... you're actually doing something with yourself, you know?
sometimes i wake up in the filthy van, asking myself what the hell i'm doing here. so maybe its a rat-race, but still, you'll be surprised how much you miss being busy sometimes...
and i miss the parties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
have a vacation in sunny oz, it'll be a back to the childhood thing:)

2004-11-24 06:15:29 ET

man, you have no idea how much I envy YOU.
Just being on the road, doing your own thing.
That's living.
What I'm doing is not.

2004-11-24 07:14:41 ET

HA! 'Promoted up to their level of incompetance'
THAT cracks me up. It's so true, SO TRUE. and if you apply it to the government in my country, people get promoted beyond their level of incompetance!

2004-11-24 12:37:47 ET


2004-11-25 07:37:22 ET


2004-11-26 02:23:53 ET

sup girl?

check out the Red Queen Theory on that site. So true as well.

2004-11-26 16:27:15 ET

"in evolution systems tend to develop up to the limit of their adaptive competence" ...this is where I lost interest.

2004-11-27 10:25:03 ET

yes, big words are scary.

You are soooooo adhd.

2004-11-27 16:24:31 ET

i hate big words
like "ohio"

2004-11-28 07:22:09 ET

I hate big words too, like "bic pen"
what's adhd?

2004-11-28 11:33:48 ET

attention deficit n' hypa'activitee disodah

2004-11-28 18:48:53 ET

Whoa Shay, I don't know if what you're talking about is ADHD. I think you are talking about ADHDeez nuuuts.

2004-11-28 19:40:55 ET

Peanuts? where?

I only heard it being called ADD, that's what my doctor said it was called, he wanted for me to get checked for it. I told him I didn't want to, besides, I can concentrate - on things that interest me.

If I have ADD, so does half the popolation of the globe.

2004-11-28 23:05:05 ET

ADHD is derivative of ADD, though in your case it might just be ADD with a lot of coffee ;)

It's really not that uncommon (though I wouldn't say half the population has it, and it does adapt itself to livable levels after puberty for most people).
Anyway, all you do with an ADD diagnose (besides getting bonus points or more time or whatever in future exams in any academic institution) is get a perscription for Ritalin (methylphenidate), which even if you don't use, you can sell to the highest bidder on the black market ^___^
All n' all, not such a bad deal.

2004-11-29 07:55:16 ET

Which would be relevant if I had ADD, which I don't.

2004-11-29 07:55:51 ET

Sorry, it's a touchy subject.

2004-12-01 09:41:58 ET

Whatever suits your fancy, sport.
(Not that I see what's the big deal, but whatever, ad nauseum)

2004-12-01 13:58:17 ET

Gahhh! You called me "sport!" :)

2004-12-02 13:44:02 ET

you prefer 'muppet'? :)

2004-12-02 16:53:22 ET

hey thats my pet name!

2004-12-03 05:51:14 ET

heh, poppet then?

2004-12-03 17:59:03 ET


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