sick as fuck
2004-12-04 13:43:50 ET

Ah well, another weekend mad drunkeness galore.
Got drunk, went to a party with Noa and Rotem.
The rest is a blur.
Techno makes me boogie.

:: Listening to: Jeff Mills - The Bells ::

2004-12-04 23:12:45 ET

Hey, If someone clicks me in real life, will I flip too??????

That's disturbingly sexy

2004-12-05 01:13:02 ET

where are there parties?
I though that shit died out a long time ago.

2004-12-05 12:58:36 ET

hehe, i've been flipping your name for the past 8 minutes.
i think i should go to bed now.

Liron - party venues don't die, they just change.

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