2004-12-22 04:26:53 ET

Happy holidays to all you cosmopolitical types!

Sadly, I have no such vacation. School's still up n' about, and so am I.

Awright, back to work. Nothing more to see here.

:: Listening to: The Dresden Dolls - Good Day ::

2004-12-22 06:07:43 ET

Just because you still have school doesn't mean you can't party extra hard to makeup for lost time later on.

I personally plan on celebrating every religious holiday I can in 05, as well as every independence day for every country in the world. even though I claim no religion as my own, nor do I want to, I believe every holiday can be alot of fun...


Under the stern direction of general smirnoff and captain tequilla with the exceptional round of margarita slammers from time to time. :)

2004-12-22 07:25:00 ET

My face is all dry from washing it like 20 times per day b/c of my play. My face gets no vacation, just like you. WAH!
Hahahha, you're proabley like 'WHAT?!?'
Have fun at school, hunny. Don't forget your lunch!

2004-12-22 07:25:35 ET

haha, u make my day.
If only i could celebrate all these pagan holidays you guys have in the states...

And man, I'm just partied out, I guess.

2004-12-22 07:43:31 ET

... where are you from TE?

2004-12-22 07:46:35 ET

I'm currently livin in a rented apartment downtown Tel-Aviv, Israel

2004-12-22 08:25:00 ET

ah cool. I didn't really realise that the Dresedn dolls had made it overseas. I always thought they were a Local (boston) phenomenon

2004-12-23 04:31:25 ET

Oh yeah, they're really hyped around here.
All good things travel.

2004-12-23 04:35:52 ET

ha sweet. I'm glad for them

2004-12-23 04:48:36 ET

god bless the internet

2004-12-23 04:50:54 ET


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