New Years Blast
2005-01-02 13:49:05 ET

I have no idea what went down friday night.
I think I was intoxicated.
I think I hung out with Krankie.
I think we rave-hopped throughout Tel-Aviv's underground scene.
I think I went home 10:00 in the morning or so, veins pumping with redbull - will strong, body weak.

Time to die.

:: Listening to: TV on the Radio - Staring at the Sun ::

2005-01-02 15:49:51 ET

you texted me!

2005-01-02 21:39:53 ET

he pimped me around.
of course he will forget that part of the evening

2005-01-03 00:09:57 ET

i saw vnv nation play the hugest show in the history of mankind and cheese. too bad you weren't there you sexy sexy bastardo!
happy new years and all that pap. red bull...mmm...

2005-01-04 07:17:31 ET

I drank a fine and wide selection of the finest alcoholic beverages in a variety of watering holes and house parties in scenic Oakland. I remember going home and saying "You know what? I'll make some coffee!" and passing out promptly thereafter.

2005-01-04 12:26:48 ET

Misa - I didn't notice your AIM was on mobile-send-thingie, nice little gadget.
Maybe I shall text you in strange hours.

I have only vague memories from friday, but I do believe I tried trading Noa (as a sex slave) for a sip of vodka, or something to that extent, yes.

Happy new years to you all kidz

Lars - I hope you made blatant SimRonan jokes when near him. I did when he gave a dj set here a few months ago.

Lila - SOunds like you had a bloody good time ;)

2005-01-04 17:33:57 ET

actually he joked about simronan from on stage before i could even start :-\
that and i sorta know the guy...i was planning to meet up with him backstage after teh show but my girly shmoo wasnt feeling too hot so we ended up leaving. next time i see him, ill do what i can!

2005-01-05 03:01:22 ET

he made simronan jokes? no fair! spoils the fun for us.

2005-01-05 17:13:42 ET

he also made fun of trent reznor, as well as afi, the lead singer of whom was in attendance, even. that ronan's a funny bastard.

2005-01-06 01:29:06 ET

All Brits are funny.

2005-01-06 10:58:15 ET

good point

just so as all total eclipses are sexy!

2005-01-06 14:56:59 ET

There can be only one.
*draws sword*

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