Dancing like a monkey
2005-01-30 10:27:56 ET

Why didn't anyone tell me I have such long arms??

Pic taken from the drum n' breakz party friday night.
Good fun.

I simply must force myself to get off the fucking internet and start studying.
It's harder than it seems.

Anyone by chance can explain to me the fallacy of epistemic determinism? ktnx.

:: Listening to: Elliott Smith - Fond Farewell ::

2005-01-30 15:05:22 ET

those are some rather long arms...

2005-01-31 00:28:38 ET

that's what I said.

2005-01-31 07:13:14 ET

mine are pretty long too, but i have no pics for proof.

2005-02-01 10:57:39 ET

camera-to-hand and away you go, matey.

I did a google image search for "long arm monkey army" and this is what came up.


2005-02-01 14:35:13 ET

u have his eyes...lol...

2005-02-02 01:29:15 ET

let's start a cult.

2005-02-02 01:56:26 ET

sounds like a plan.

2005-02-02 10:38:55 ET

good, you go insane, and I'll think of a business strategy.

2005-02-02 10:40:07 ET

not a problem. any particular place u'd like that to happen at?

2005-02-02 10:41:29 ET

I dunno. These things usually happen in middle america. I think that'd work in the business model I'm thikning of. Cheap rent, plenty of potential clientele.

2005-02-02 10:43:37 ET

yeah i'm in the midwest and my rent is only 215 a month

2005-02-03 02:08:45 ET

hmmm. are there malls there where you could spread flyers and stuff?
We would need some early minions to help us organize things.
Also, if you don't mind us taking your apartment for the common good.

2005-02-03 14:42:18 ET

oh yeah there's a mall here. plus my bro and his gf can be our first minions

2005-02-03 20:56:14 ET


*plotting world domination as we speak*

2005-02-04 11:49:15 ET

funny, without seeing your post about googling the words"long arm monkey army", i googled the word "epistemic" and this is what came up...

2005-02-05 08:46:15 ET

what is that photoshopped goodness?

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