kitty love and BBSs
2005-02-05 08:53:11 ET

(x-posted on lj)

It's about time I show them, so here they are, in all their glory.


Redhead hiding behind a bonzai tree.

The ever-adventurous gray.

Cats are still nameless. Since they are essentially my flatmate's cats, I'm staying out of it.

In other news,
My flatmate has just installed us a new messageboard, where we can post notes for eachother.
Only, this memo board will have a newsfeed ticker when it's done.

Look, it's Windows 3.11! \m/

Made from old laptop parts. Yes, this is so pointless, and so fucking cool.

Also, the best car ever, snatched off the William Gibson blog.

:: Listening to Bit Shifter - March Of The Nucleotides ::

2005-02-05 19:11:46 ET

This is definitely one of the coolest things I've seen! Thumb up for the best Windows version yet! :>

2005-02-05 22:02:56 ET

that car is wicked.

2005-02-06 03:23:22 ET

Asaf- hehehe, you won't believe how fast it is. YOu just click control Panel, and it opens! Not like on XP, where you have to wait liek 3-4 seconds.
I think we'll enventually put Linux on it, Windows 3.11 was what was installed on the hardisk.

Klemmy - I want one for mah birfday

2005-02-07 16:51:38 ET

shai... you guys are just too bored:)

2005-02-08 02:59:26 ET

comin from you that's really somethin' ;)

2005-02-08 07:35:17 ET

Cute kitties. You should naem them 'wacko' and 'jacko.'
Hey man, in an off topic subject, you should revamp your page! I feel that you have something new to offer up, a visual fest of Shai proportions.

2005-02-08 11:16:58 ET

DUDE they HAVE NAMES. The grey one is Trillian and although I don't remember Red's name, I just call them both Smeagol.

2005-02-08 12:49:58 ET

Nah, they don't really have names, they can't both be 'Trillian'.
I can live with "Cat A" and "Cat B".
Lila - SO true, yet I am so lazy. I need to close my site down (or at least make it into something useful, seeing as it is no longer a blog), and I'm too lazy to even do that..
[I wanted to open a podcast (I actually did), but then, the idea of actually podcasting isn't so appealing...]


I'll think of something.

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