note to self
2005-02-19 09:58:33 ET

redbull is not a substitute for sleep.

New semester start tomorrow.

:: Listening to Autechre - Cfern ::

2005-02-19 13:38:38 ET

Redbull is a drink of champions. how could you not drink it?

good luck with your first day of the new semester. :)

2005-02-19 13:59:31 ET

Oh, I've been drinking it pretty much constantly.

Redbull/Vodka: Breakfast of Champions indeed.

fanks :)

2005-02-19 14:18:41 ET

Yessir, I like redbull with a hint of vodka. tequilla with cornflakes is my favorite way to start the day. :)

2005-02-19 14:23:05 ET

beer and pretzels in a bowl with a spoon!

2005-02-19 15:30:44 ET

beer and tim-tams for me.

2005-02-20 02:14:19 ET

tim tams !!

have you become addicted to four ex?

2005-02-20 02:40:51 ET

if there is one thing wrong in queensland its the BEER.
i'll stick to my VB's thank you:)
i DO miss goldstar, though.

2005-02-20 13:47:42 ET

haha, maybe I could send you a crate or something, lol.

2005-02-22 16:58:24 ET

hmmm... as a matter of fact you can get them in a few places here!
but you need to pay so much for it :(
oh well, soon its back to singah and beer chang!

2005-02-22 16:59:16 ET


and remember: SUNSCREEN.

2005-02-22 17:06:34 ET

sunscreen is for those damn sissy european dumb tourists.
if there is one question that boils my blood is : "what (sunblock) factor are you on?"

hardcore med-boys like me dont wear no sunscreen!!!


(oh, btw, joey the friendly cancer say hi)

2005-02-22 17:18:47 ET

*waves back*

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