Gonzo Journalism
2005-02-22 07:17:27 ET

So, new semester's got me smiling. Up till now, it's all been pretty awesome stuff. Well, I could live without Statistics, but it's less-not-interesting, more-comprehensible stuff.
First lesson today in Psychological Physiology 2 started with Mind/Body Theory I studied last semester in Metaphysics. It's cool when all your subjects inter-relate, and you get a broader view of all the issues at hand.


Sunday is my birthday, bitches.

I'll be 24, and for now, I don't even feel particularly displeased with it. *gasp* could I be feeling somewhat... Happy? :O

Well, this can't last. ;)

I've even met someone nice, but I'm sortof getting the feeling maybe she was just into a one-nighter, but we'll see where it goes. Not like I'm in love or anything (Heaven forbid), but she's cool to hang out with anyway.

Also, got a haircut, hence, the camwhoredom:

btw, this track fucking r0x
:: Listening to: Johannes Heil - The Fool ::

2005-02-22 10:18:15 ET

In Windows 3.1's full 256-colour galore!!!

2005-02-22 10:21:46 ET

Dig the new haircut, have fun with yer bitch and let every birthday be no less happy than this!

2005-02-22 13:08:28 ET

OMG MCGA 256 !!!1

Thanks ;)

2005-02-22 17:03:16 ET

like sand through the hourglass... :)

2005-02-22 17:03:54 ET

these are the days of our lives... ;)))

2005-02-22 17:04:31 ET

Happy soon to be b-day, yo.

You better get some. ;)

2005-02-22 17:11:10 ET

thanks kiddo :]

2005-02-23 09:57:35 ET

I'm making a hardcore present

you might no talk to me again

2005-02-25 17:08:21 ET


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