2005-02-26 12:39:25 ET

this site rules


last night birthday bash was a blast (ka-boom!)
awesomeness, yes.

Next week birthday rave shall rock too.
Yes, yes it shall.

In other news I ate like a pig today at a restaraunt with my folks, and am now charging my new iPod.

*sw00ns like a mothafucka*

:: Listening to: Fresh & Pendulum - Kingston Vampires ::

2005-02-26 14:31:50 ET

hmmm... it's 2:30am right now, which means it is Sunday already....

Happy Birthday Shay!!!

2005-02-26 16:11:31 ET


2005-02-26 16:26:24 ET

ahhh.... i dont even wanna start colculating from here.... :)

happy birthday gramps! :)

2005-02-26 18:44:06 ET


damn you
I never wanna hear you whining you're broke AGAIN ;)

2005-02-26 21:11:39 ET

happy b-day.

eating like a pig is always good. so is fucking like one.

2005-02-27 15:39:04 ET

thanks everybody :>

2005-02-27 15:40:17 ET

you're welcome

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