More postmidnight madness
2005-02-28 14:26:07 ET

Session Start (Telecart1:OneLeavedCulprit): Tue Mar 01 02:14:57 2005
OneLeavedCulprit: I have nothing to go on a tangent about today
*** Auto-response sent to OneLeavedCulprit: I am not here. Really.
OneLeavedCulprit: Absolutely nothing
OneLeavedCulprit: I guess I'll use the fallback plan
OneLeavedCulprit: You're from another country blah blah blah I am not blah blah haha at your country place ha ha blah blah
OneLeavedCulprit: ~Fin~
Telecart1: Andy
*** Error while sending IM: This user is currently not logged on
Session Close (OneLeavedCulprit): Tue Mar 01 02:24:49 2005


In other news, Tal's cats keep stealing my socks and hiding them from me.

Also, being 24 isn't all that bad.

ADDENDUM: Me so bored.
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2005-03-02 07:21:52 ET

Whoa, that adult cover reminds me of some shitty art I made in hike skool.
Being 24 isn't that bad. BUt man o man...I need to get in shape. I'm wasting my peak years being a fat ass.
Oh! I met this broad who was in Israel for a year. She lived in Jeruselem. I told her about you guys. Obviously, though, she didn't hang out with you or anyone as cool as you because she ended up proving herself to be a jackass! :D

2005-03-02 10:30:10 ET

we've been known to hang out with the occasional arse, but still, it's a big city n' all.

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