2005-03-11 09:23:12 ET

Weird moods and such.

Not sure I want to write about it; though there is a certain freedom in expresing some feelings, some feelings I kinda just want to keep inside me, let them boil a bit, feel them bouncing up n' down n' about with quantum-like excitment.

Other than that I'm 24, student, clerk, with high potential and low prospects.

Welcome to Tomorrow.

:: Listening to: Gary Jules - Mad World (Tears for Fears cover)::

2005-03-12 01:47:24 ET

<-22, douche bag, unload trailers at UPS, has high potential and no will power.

2005-03-12 03:33:13 ET

Damn, I feel so Generation X I want to cry me a river.

2005-03-12 06:17:20 ET

oh man, you just read my mind...
i've been feeling very confused lately. the strange thing about it is that i'm not depressed as a result of this confusion... i'm actually quite excited. i guess, i have this secret that i want to tell everyone but at the same time, i enjoy thinking about it and knowing that it's mine, and mine only...
eh, forget it... i'm rambling again... :]

2005-03-12 11:15:44 ET

No, no, I do concur, madame
you just expressed my general feeling in other words.

Somethings in the air, I tell ya.
(cancer of the mind?)

2005-03-12 13:05:21 ET

there's definitely something in the air (or water)...
hey, wanna pm me and trade secrets? ;p

2005-03-13 09:30:05 ET


*plausible deniability*

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