XX chromosomes are the mark of the fucking devil
2005-04-09 09:36:19 ET

okay, I exagerate.

A bit.

I'm a big boy, I'll live, but this is such fucking bullshit.
It takes me ages to find someone I fancy, and then they all just want to be my friend.
Fuck this.



2005-04-09 10:02:25 ET

shut up :P

2005-04-09 10:18:47 ET

piss off, I'm allowed to be disappointed.

2005-04-09 10:41:38 ET

that's right! let the man stew!

2005-04-09 11:28:54 ET

I'm going to die alone too.

We can have a party!

2005-04-09 12:57:16 ET

"Every living thing dies alone" - Granda Death

I'll bring the cocktail-weenies.

2005-04-09 12:59:43 ET

ooo can i join in if i die alone?

2005-04-09 13:14:12 ET


it'll be great.

2005-04-09 14:35:57 ET

I haven't had this much fun since Pompei.

2005-04-09 17:54:29 ET

/me painfully relates

2005-04-09 19:16:39 ET

I don't get it
even you'll meet the love of your life tonight and live forever and forever you're still going to die by yourself and get sucked into the empty void of nothingness

you might get cuddles though

2005-04-09 21:46:46 ET

dude. women are EVIL. or its us.
damn i cant remember.
anyway, you can either come to terms with that, or monk yourself.
works for me...

2005-04-09 23:46:45 ET

you might get cuddles though
you say that like it's insignificant.

Asi - :/
Itay - monk monk monk

2005-04-10 15:15:47 ET

Women are evil. You're better off without us.

Actually that's not true, a man's whole existence; getting a job, buying a car, taking a shower; is based on the need for women. Um. so since I'm not making it any better, here's a quote from a terrible movie.

"All a man wants in life is someone to love, if you can't give him that, give him something to hope for, if you can't give him that...just give him something to do."

So get busy.

2005-04-11 00:37:30 ET

haha, so fuckin true.
Awright sport, gettin' my ass to school and work..

2005-04-14 21:41:45 ET

You sound like me in 2002.

2005-04-16 05:19:56 ET

I'll backtrack your SK to see how you solved this shit.

2005-04-16 09:26:02 ET

i didn't. :P

2005-04-16 11:20:43 ET

so I sound like you in 2005 too..?

2005-04-17 01:14:59 ET

no, i just stopped talking about it, because everyone already knows how i feel about that girl. :P

2005-04-17 02:39:17 ET

heh, now your starting to sound like ME in 2002.

2005-04-18 00:44:45 ET

wasn't that 2003?

2005-04-18 05:43:44 ET

tiiiiiiiiimeeeeeeee fliiiiiiiieeeeessssssss

2005-04-18 07:10:06 ET


2005-04-18 10:26:44 ET

things that make you go "WHEE"

2005-04-19 00:41:39 ET

heh, someone understands me!

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