2005-04-14 11:03:00 ET

You know that 'shiiiiiiiiiiit' you feel when you accidently don't wake up for work?

It's like, there's nothing you can do about your situation, you weren't even conscious at the time, but still, I hate being late for work when I'm the one who's supposed to open up.


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2005-04-14 13:02:11 ET

Phew, thankfully that's never happened to me, but I know I'd run into work screaming "sorreeee!!!"

2005-04-14 13:06:35 ET

I got a call on the way for that :/

2005-04-14 20:38:05 ET

i never have it happen either considering i work a night shift.

2005-04-16 05:07:37 ET

and u don't sleep during the day..?

2005-04-16 17:56:21 ET

sometimes i get very very lil sleep.

2005-04-17 02:38:33 ET

eep. poor klemmy.

2005-04-17 07:27:23 ET

::hangs head low:: poor poor me....

but it evens out.

2005-04-17 08:38:40 ET

I think I'd prefer nightjob, actually. I'm a natural night owl.
Delayed Phase Sleep Syndrome they call it.

2005-04-17 14:26:45 ET

i think i have that too...

2005-04-17 14:27:26 ET

don't we all...

2005-04-17 14:29:35 ET

i heard i was cholicy when i was a baby so it might stem from that...

2005-04-18 05:42:54 ET



2005-04-18 13:26:25 ET

u the hell is it...u scream loud and cant sleep...i had the cholic....

2005-04-19 00:43:52 ET

oh, you were a sick pup.

I see.

Poor klemmy, again.

2005-04-19 15:16:07 ET

i kno. i'm so sickly.

2005-04-20 15:57:37 ET

I could've told u that ^_^

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