2005-04-16 08:02:24 ET

Went running today.
How productive of me. yes. I coughed things in colours I didn't know exist (and I don't even smoke..!)

Started out with 3 and a half rounds, like, 900ft or so, then I died and started walking a few rounds, then i got my pace up, and did like another 5 rounds, chanting silly self-help mantras and listening to drum n' bass.

This may be the beginning of something..

(might not, but I'm allowed to hope)

Haven't been physically active since the army I think. Eep.

Anyway, health and stuff. Yay.

:: Listening to: Konflict - Messiah (Noisia mix) ::

2005-04-16 10:27:47 ET

I shall puke on thee

2005-04-16 10:39:01 ET

Man I miss running. I need shoes.

2005-04-16 11:20:12 ET

Noa - Thank you for your vote of confidence, truly inspiring.

Letty - I hate running. Always have. But life isn't all about doing stuff you like I guess. I need running shoes too.

2005-04-16 12:51:07 ET

hah, yes, I can relate to that. I have free reign of the hotel fitness center where my mom works after 3 a.m., and I try to run 20-30 miles a week just to keep the old lungs in better condition. I'm thinking about bringing some kind of bucket with me so that I can spit some of my shitty brown smoker's lung into it when I start getting that crappy buildup.

2005-04-16 13:57:49 ET

20-30 miles a WEEK???

schiesse, I have much work to do. O_O

2005-04-16 14:23:03 ET

It's not that bad, just do 5 miles/day or night every day and then take sunday off. ;)

2005-04-16 14:44:16 ET

you're probably shitting me, and I'll be getting choke attacks cuz of you.

2005-04-17 20:07:52 ET

...and one day, he may just save japan!

2005-04-18 05:42:19 ET

That too, yes.

2005-04-18 10:30:01 ET

Where do you run?

2005-04-18 20:05:51 ET

hmm...have you seen 'golden boy'? ;-P

2005-04-18 21:18:37 ET


2005-04-19 00:43:23 ET

Stay gold, Ponyboy.

uhm, I have a school right next to my house, they have basketball/soccer courts.

2005-04-19 19:58:50 ET

well im guessing you havent seen golden boy (the anime series) then...that was my 'save japan' reference ;-P

hmmm....lets try a different topic: you are hot sex and i have missed your lovin. also, tacos.

2005-04-20 15:52:37 ET


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