Motorcycle Emptiness
2005-04-30 09:40:58 ET

I've been feeling this void recently.
Not just any void, but an empty void.
Yep, onea those.
Something to do with our utter aloneness in the world and stuff.
I've been working really hard lately, and school's starting again tomorrow and I just..well.. Don't feel like it.
I guess I just need a vacation or something.

So in my searches to fill the void of loneliness, thursday night I clubhopped around. Even dropped by the EBM event. Haven't been to one of those in ages. Weird, I hardly recognized half the people there.
I asked a girl there (an on-and-off sexbuddy of mine) if she'd like to come sleep over.
Thing is, that's what I really wanted. For her to come. Sleep. Over.
Just snuggling, s'all.
I guess she interpretted that as an invitation to have sex all night, which was boring and tiring and I wasn't in the mood at all, but my ego wouldn't let me leave her disappointed.
Friday I met up with some old Jerusalem friends, and went shopping in Tel-Aviv with them and stuff, which was awesome. I miss these guys so much, and seeing them, even just layin around doing nothing makes me feel younger and happier, and not so alone.

But then they left, and the void came back.
I was thinking of staying home, or going to the dn'b party really really late, but some lj buddy of mine convinced me to get out of the house and come with her to eat and to some shows. We had some crazy adventures, and it was all good, but when we finally got to the club, she kinda ran off home pretty fast.
By this time, I was already hyped on redbulls, so I lingered on for more.
After a while, I saw another girl (and part-time sexbuddy of mine), and I asked her if she wanted to sleep with me.

This one got it.
and it was great.

2005-04-30 11:32:07 ET

hey! at least you got laid ;D

2005-04-30 12:14:02 ET

Yes, thank you for pointing that out.

I kid

I know you're on the brinks of your reserves
you poor, poor, thing, you.

2005-04-30 14:29:48 ET


you snuggle slut

2005-04-30 20:28:23 ET

to sexbuddys!

2005-05-01 01:16:11 ET

Nobody understands me.

2005-05-01 07:49:27 ET

there there.
you should have been with us in the doof, you know.

2005-05-01 11:28:34 ET

doof ve dumb
nah, not my thing really.

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