2005-05-01 11:31:54 ET

We're out of mineral water and coke.

This leaves me with beer for when I'm thirsty.
When the beer runs out there're a few redbulls.
When thoes run out, I'll be left with vodka, jaggermeister and aftershock for my parched throat.


when those run out, bong water.

Anyway, happy mayday everybody. w00.
I'm up to 6 nights of running, btw.


:: Listening to: The Ramones - Pet Cemetary ::

2005-05-01 15:36:25 ET

that's a lot of fluids.

2005-05-02 09:29:44 ET

yeah, so what am i complaining about, eh? :D

2005-05-02 10:39:20 ET

I never understood, what the fuck is mayday about?

2005-05-03 02:09:04 ET

it's about dirty, dirty, commies.

2005-05-03 11:52:24 ET

"it's about dirty, dirty, commies."

So it's more like what november 17 is to extreme leftists?

2005-05-04 10:12:56 ET



2005-05-04 10:45:26 ET

November 17, 1973 - Student uprising against the military regime in Athens, Greece. The unarmed students were slaughtered by tanks and heavy automatic rifle fire from soldiers. The Revolutionary Organization 17 November, an extremist waaay leftist group was founded soon after that, and until 2 years ago, they had broken records for being one of the most elusive (and deadly) terrorist organizations in the world by not losing a single member or otherwise being exposed for over 30 years. november 17 is celebrated by leftists and marxist worldwide, so I just kinda wondered if it was something like that.

2005-05-06 04:31:51 ET

funny, you'd think I'd have heard of them.

Anyway, naw, Mayday is moer about dirty punk communists who all have AIM nicks which start and end with 'x's.

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