2005-07-11 14:04:50 ET

The past two days were fun-filled days at various government offices/banks/post with my mum.
Beurocracy is just another way of saying I love you.

Seriously, I wasn't gonna do anything with those hours anyway.

Hmm. Receding hairline. Nice.

:: Listening to: The Stone Roses - Made of Stone (808 State mix) ::

2005-07-11 21:03:24 ET

receding hairlines can always be fixed by shaving head entirely !

2005-07-12 02:15:43 ET

I miss your pink hair :(

2005-07-12 17:04:10 ET

its actually growing back now...i just havent posted pics yet...cause i suck ;-P

2005-07-13 22:18:48 ET

You do.

Has it grown back already-in-hawk-form?

2005-07-13 23:47:45 ET

indeed it has!

the genetic implants are working out nicely.

2005-07-14 03:40:19 ET

your receding hairline is a sign of wisdom. you should show it off to hot women and tell them how wisened you are now. I know I will.

2005-07-14 13:58:57 ET


Why am I crying..?


2005-07-19 08:18:33 ET


2005-07-19 11:12:47 ET

Oo, I like Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

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