2005-08-03 10:20:58 ET


Advanced statistics is ruining my life, I don't really have much to say besides that.

Oh, yeah, my livejournal has become profound. Weird. It used to be where I dump the memes, cuz I wanted to keep this place clean. I am confused now.

Also: Bored.

Alsoer: Avoiding studying for my exam tomorrow.



For the love of boredom, I give you, photoshoppy goodness

ah ha


:: Listening to: Les Savy Fav - The Sweat Descends ::

2005-08-03 11:07:47 ET


2005-08-03 21:56:56 ET

I love love love the red one.

2005-08-03 23:54:21 ET

Klem - COLOURS!!

Angel - Heh, they're both me, silly. YOU LOVE ME.

2005-08-04 00:17:01 ET

be careful, photoshop'll make your butt fall off.

it happenned to my invisible friend johnathan! now everyone (me) calls him 'buttless johnathan'

...that and i need sleep

2005-08-04 07:46:33 ET

with me?

2005-08-04 15:36:46 ET

I know they are! I was just stating which one I preferred, DUH.
Keep up. ;]

2005-08-04 17:57:54 ET

of course with you.

in a tight spoon.

2005-08-04 21:00:32 ET

hellz yeah.

2005-08-05 02:04:11 ET

Can Angel come too?

2005-08-05 09:09:40 ET


2005-08-09 08:00:20 ET

I miss RED ROBOT krushing emo skumme!

2005-08-09 08:06:08 ET


2005-08-09 18:22:50 ET

you so need to post that on red robot's page.

maybe it'll get him fired up for a revival.

or maybe not, but isn't it worth a shot?

2005-08-09 19:18:19 ET

Ha. I totally love tight spoons. ♥

2005-08-09 23:28:31 ET

<talking in a thick southern accent> shay's ass chafes mah ball sack.

2005-08-10 01:23:32 ET

I thought this would be a good time to mention that I own all of you.

2005-08-10 01:32:13 ET

that explains the tag on me...

2005-08-10 01:43:36 ET

not 'tag'


2005-08-10 09:29:10 ET

on an unrelated note i just realized that your avatar is not the t.e. one of old!!

am i the only person on sk now who hasn't changed my avatar for 3 years? ;-P

2005-08-10 13:41:42 ET

If you own me, can I have one of those ink tags that explode when you try and take them off.
.... that'd be cool.

2005-08-10 16:23:25 ET

no tags, only pox.

(no lexus convertible, only infiniti)

Lars - m0xie, maybe.? Rudeboy ? I dunno.

2005-08-10 16:51:05 ET

I'm confused.

2005-08-10 17:52:07 ET

m0xie has changed his avatar 2 or 3 times since i started ;-P

and um <goes to look at rudeboy's page> nope he's also changed his avatar at least 3 times ;-P

i changed mine once...and that was only after 2 or 3 months of being on ive virtually had this the entire're the only other person i can think of off the top of my head who kept the same avatar for so long ;-P

but now it would appear youve gone and SOLD OUT on me. <tear>

i kid, i kid

2005-08-10 21:58:21 ET

Yeah. And he used to not be Rudeboy. I don't remember what his avatar was though when he was dig up her bones.

2005-08-10 22:08:12 ET

actually now that i rethink my 3 years statement im wondering if its closer to 4 years...damn i feel old.

2005-08-11 00:46:02 ET

We are such oldskool.

I thought Rudeboy was the original SK welcome wagon from the start hmph.

And anyway, Lars, you've changed your page layout more than me :P~
(not as much as Angel, but still)

This is basically still the same page layout I stole from Death by Design

2005-08-11 00:48:21 ET


fine fine..i suppose we are even i have changed my page layout 3 or 4 times ;-P

i think i'll stick with my current layout for a good long while (IE indefinately) reflects me better than past layouts...although my bio sections are in dire need of updating/editing once im motivated enough to do it ;-P

as if anyone reads that pap anyway...

2005-08-11 00:51:25 ET

yeah, but that's for n00bs, and there still are the occasional n00bs here, though I haven't stalked any in a while.

2005-08-11 00:52:47 ET

yes ive grown old from my days of n00b pestering and making it a point to welcome every new user that shows up.

damn me moving out of north dakota and developing a life.


2005-08-11 00:53:13 ET

...although it is still fun to pwn n00bs now and again.

2005-08-11 00:54:08 ET

Pure PWNAGE, aww yeah.

2005-08-11 00:56:37 ET

no n00bs up in this ma'

w3 b3 2 k0r3 4 7h33

/me goes and deletes some myspace profiles

2005-08-11 01:06:25 ET



you can do that..?

2005-08-11 10:15:46 ET

Lars has the POWER!!!

2005-08-11 16:42:01 ET

i work for myspace...therefore i pwn the internet, and lives of lame-ass tweenagers everywhere. mwahahaha.

2005-08-11 20:28:10 ET

Hey now.. I just like change. :D

2005-08-12 04:49:12 ET

The Power of Greyskull!!

D00d, Lars, I dinnae know that! Can you make me appear at the top of everybody's friends list so I'll be uber popular??!11

We should make an SK group thingie and be all 1337 and stuff about it.

Angel - I actually quite admire that :)

2005-08-12 17:41:56 ET order to appear at the top of friends lists you'd need an uber low basically you would have had to have joined myspace eons ago ;-P

i'll see if i can do anything but i think the only person who could get you a low userid would be one of the programmers downstairs.

i could hijack one but i may get in trouble for it. har har.

2005-08-13 16:13:45 ET

oh I'm sure you can do something ^__^

2005-08-17 21:10:25 ET

Completely random since I'm wayyy back in the conversation.
But I like the fact that I'm mostly old school SK.
July 2002.. muffuckas.

2005-08-18 05:21:28 ET

MyBrokenPromise... Commented on my first post evah!

2005-08-19 19:57:37 ET

arharhar. I'm more SK old school than YOU ARE! hehe.

2005-08-20 08:18:51 ET

Yes, but I'm real-world more oldskool than you.

2005-08-20 09:08:00 ET

The real world totally doesn't even matter.

2005-08-20 14:12:35 ET

Hmm. Yes, that really is quite true.

2005-08-20 20:43:34 ET

HA! I win.

2005-08-21 04:52:57 ET

You.. Did...

I have no valid reason to live. Goodbye cruel (real) world.

2005-08-21 10:50:50 ET

ive been on since may 16th of 2002 so im older-skool than either of you ;-P

i was actually invited innitially to be a beta tester but turned it down for several months due to the fact that at the time i had a committment with myself to never start a 'blog'. oh well ;-P

2005-08-21 11:46:36 ET

Yeah well I smell better.

2005-08-22 06:17:49 ET

You were on the sykoforums?

2005-08-22 06:18:05 ET

and that's a lie, I got a good whiff of you.

2005-08-22 15:46:47 ET


2005-08-22 15:55:55 ET


2005-08-22 15:57:39 ET


2005-08-22 15:58:02 ET

Good point.

2005-08-22 15:59:15 ET


2005-08-22 16:45:37 ET

See, you're a WINNER and a LOSER ! :D

2005-08-22 21:30:52 ET

i wasnt on the sykofurums...i was just friends with someone IRL who was good online friends with m0xie.

2005-08-23 03:39:42 ET

o i c



no blog


2005-08-23 17:48:24 ET

just like i said id never join myspace......<sigh>

at least im still not on livejournal...thats a committment i can stick with, methinks ;-P

2005-08-23 22:19:11 ET

sure, sure.

I gave up on the whole "Oh I'm not joining this crap".

Now I'll just join anything you link me.

2005-08-23 23:25:26 ET

join today!

2005-08-24 11:06:28 ET

dude, I'm partyin'

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