Random acts of senseless violence
2005-08-20 14:31:00 ET

Yesterday I went out to the Ultraviolence at Cafe Barzilay. A brutal assault on musical decency, or as Poingi put it: "Breakcore gives me AIDS."

Looking around, local TV has become reality TV, with cameras covering the disengagement 24/7. People are so fucked.

Hooray for Humans, yay!

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2005-08-20 14:48:38 ET

mu laundry will be clean soon

2005-08-21 04:50:26 ET

that's good. I should do my laundry too.

2005-08-21 23:35:13 ET

I don't see any reason why the coverage given to the disengagement should be any less. It's a historical event, not to mention the "Hasbara" factor everyone is talking about. I don't think they should be aiming the video camera up people's nostrils, so to speak, but it's important to update the country on what's been going on. I personally check the news on the subject once every few hours.

2005-08-22 06:23:01 ET

It wasn't criticism, it was an observation. I just wish I could send an SMS to choose who gets kicked out of the house. At least that would have more entertainment value :D

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