2005-08-22 16:49:20 ET

The cat took a piss on my bed yesterday, when I had a chiq here.
God has such a brilliant sense of humor, I swear :D

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2005-08-22 16:51:03 ET

Mad props to God for being such a card.

2005-08-22 16:53:28 ET

haha, he was all like:


2005-08-22 17:01:21 ET

when we still had a cat, it peed in my bed and i didn't know..
then i found out like an hour after he left that he had been laying on the spot, lololol.

2005-08-23 00:34:02 ET

well....at least the girl didnt piss on the bed with the cat there.

although that would have been much funnier :-D

2005-08-23 03:38:46 ET

Angel - Yeah, you know, I think he was laying their too. What's up with that? What's wrong with these cat's that thye just wanna lay in a pool of their own piss???

Lars - Yeah, she was strangely cool about it.

2005-08-24 20:18:13 ET

Mmm, maybe they think it's SEXY.

2005-08-26 12:35:09 ET

pffft. watersports.!

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