Sweetest perfection
2005-09-09 10:30:22 ET

Man, I'm having a blast.

I have some lewd pictures of me embarrasing myself on psychedelic drugs, but they're not for here, and anyway, there's no USB in this internet station.

It's been awesome, just laying back, enjoying myself, taking some time off with old friends...

It's good. It's just good.

:: Something. I think it's Johnny Cash.::

2005-09-09 10:45:18 ET

I want to be in Amsterdam :[

2005-09-10 06:19:18 ET

In Berlin now, still having a blast.

So why don#t zou travel?

(stupid german kezboard is so sillz)

2005-09-10 10:11:33 ET

i dont have the money for it now.
after i take my trip to CA to visit family, i think ill start saving up for an Amsterdam trip

2005-09-11 07:40:11 ET

Don't give up travelling around a bit. I highly recommend Rotterdam. A short train ride away.

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