You can sit 'ere, govnah
2005-10-02 12:58:30 ET

London is so funny. The tube doubly so.

I buy more comics than I will ever read, it is such an addiction, omg.
I managed to spend over 20 quid on stuff, without finding a single thing I was actually looking for. That's it. from now on, eBay only.
At least that limits it to stuff I pureposefully look for.

Other than that, Alls ist krieg. Spending time with my sis and with Daphne is 100% awesome. Brighton is so tre cool, omg, it makes London seem so lame and old and wicked in comparison.

My Mastercard expired so I had to loan money from my sis. It's no big deal, it's just one of those unexpected annoyances of life..
Like my cellphone dying yesterday too. Yes. I felt so helpless without it, Daphne loaned me hers. Is that not the mark of true love?? :]

I guess I should txt my boss and tell him I'm still in London. he's probably expecting a call from me tomorrow to come to work or something. Eek..!
Maybe I can silence him with a copy of Frank Miller/Bill Sienkiewicz Elektra: Assassin (these British bastards still have it in print). It remains to be seen.
Work seems so far away, but I guess I'll have to kick right in the second I land to make up for lost time.

I also have various school stuff still waiting, and the stupid bidding system that Tel-Aviv University employs has left me with some empty slots in my schedule. That is hersey, and must be remedied.

Bedtime, children.

:: Listening to: The Delays - Long Time Coming ::

2005-10-02 13:40:09 ET

pretty tangental here but.... I just read Neverwhere By Neil Gaiman. pretty good book. may even hold extra meaning to a londoner but I wouldn't know as I've never been

2005-10-02 15:00:51 ET

i envy you..

2005-10-03 00:31:34 ET

SS - I think it's very London, yes.
bloodhalo - So come on over ;)

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