Haha this rocks
2005-10-26 10:24:17 ET


I'm totally accepting Jesus as my savior and stuff.

I kept having The Horde flashbacks when seeing Kirk Cameron, lol.

:: Dogs Die In Hot Cars - Glimpse At The Good Life ::

2005-10-26 13:25:04 ET

oh, i am SOOOO sampling that "I'm a good person, but am I going to go to heaven" bit.

2005-10-27 01:24:33 ET

LOL that sight is fucking HILLARIOUS

interesting considering what i was just yappin about over here.

apparently its the night of jesus. we better look busy.

2005-10-27 01:26:36 ET

i believe the 11th and lost commandment was "Thou shalt create an expensive website with overdone flash graphics and super keen sound effects to please the lord thy god. Then thou shalt go and eat holy tacos."

2005-10-27 01:33:33 ET

"your first step is clicking the little button below my feet..."

(sorry...either im sleep deprived or this is just WAY too hillarious)

2005-10-28 13:46:59 ET

I knew the good people of this community would find good use for this site ;)

Anyone else remember The Horde?

2005-10-28 13:49:16 ET

Also; I love how, despite being an overall good person, this site managed to get me into hell.

2005-10-29 18:15:00 ET

perhaps that site is actually SATAN in fancy flash web form.

2005-11-01 11:51:59 ET

You read my mind, bub.

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