Orders of Magnitude
2005-11-11 04:27:07 ET

Today is my sister's birthday. Not that that in itself is of any intrinsic value, but it does mean I have a family dinner at a restaraunt, which is a yay.
Somehow, I managed to convince my sister to ask for Colombus, which is a cheesy American-Bistro style restaraunt where THE WAITORS SING. Yep, I'm so going to get them to sing happy birthday to my sister, it's going to be lovely.

School's been doing okay, I got a lot of reading material, but nothing I can't handle.. Two courses in particular this year have made me smile one is "Techno-Utopia and Cyberculture" and the other is "Order, Chaos and Complexity".
One course which seems to be ruining my life is "Wittgenstein and Rulesfollowing". I just..don't get it. Late Wittgenstein is better than early Wittgenstein, but a lot of it is still incomprehensible.
(to me, that is, for now).

Everybody should go check out Frapper SK.net thingie. It's pretty interesting to see how fast it spreads.

Other than that, Yaoi fangirls give me cancer.

:: Listening to: TheDandy Warhols Inhale Blacksmoke - We used to be Friends ::

2005-11-11 05:08:17 ET

The bubbles to the south of the map block the bubbles north.
not entirely but it is work to click them

2005-11-11 06:25:06 ET

The so. cal group is concentrated.

2005-11-11 06:36:21 ET

I just found the zoom button

2005-11-11 06:37:55 ET

If you use the hybrid map (its an option near the top) and zoom in as much as possible, you can actually follow the streets and find your house. I could actually see mine.

2005-11-11 11:16:33 ET

scary, eh?

Big Eye in the Sky...

2005-11-12 04:34:17 ET


2005-11-12 06:35:17 ET

Yaoi is male homo-erotic manga. Shonen-ai are the male homoerotic romance stories, while Yaoi stands for "yama nashi, ochi nashi, imi nashi" which means "no climax, no point, no meaning.", i.e.: pr0n.

The female equivalents are Yuri and shōjo-ai, in case you were wondering ;)


2005-11-13 17:15:34 ET

You need a (new) hobby.

2005-11-15 05:23:39 ET

This isn't a hobby, this is my job, I work at a comics store.

2005-11-21 22:47:50 ET

oooooh. That's comforting, actually.

2005-11-22 04:58:50 ET

I take no pleasure in being a smut merchant. Honest.

2005-11-22 05:15:09 ET

shame on you

2005-11-22 07:29:10 ET

Our store only lets us special-order smut for members, we don't carry smut. Although I have found some random vampirotica crap in our bins when I was cleaning up, probably someone never picked up their order, lol.

2005-11-22 13:47:22 ET

well, most of the harsh smut is on-order only ("Housewives at Play" being a personal favourite for a laugh), but for some reason, the most smut we sell is japanese homoerotic romances to teenage girls.
So much, that we just keep it in stock.

2005-12-01 15:21:33 ET

I don't get why someone (and someone like you especially) would return to Columbus after one visit there. The atmosphere there is pathetic and the food is warmed oily shite.

I've registered of course to that map, so far we're the only Israelis there..

And a big shout out for the song!

2005-12-01 16:23:14 ET

By the way, this Technutopia course sound fuckin rad, when is it taking place? (couldn't find it in the schedule)

2005-12-01 21:37:54 ET

Asi - Noa's on the map too, but we're both in Tel-Aviv so it's hard to clicky on her (or me. sometimes).

I like the food and atmosphere in Columbus, actually.
I have a weak spot for Mexican, and it's such a good laugh, really.

Technoutopia is my panoramic course, the syllabus is under b.a. klali, it's on mondays 16:00-18:00, gilman 305.

2005-12-01 21:38:53 ET

I can't click on anyone other than resdog. You all live in the same place! Agh!

2005-12-01 21:40:42 ET

Yes, Tel-Aviv is, in fact, one big happy apartment building.

(try zooming in, Asi lives in a suburb righto ff Tel-Aviv, and you can click me from the menu, I'm right under you)

2005-12-01 21:41:54 ET

Oh I know that. I played around with it a while back ago. I just thought it was hilarious that you're sardine-d into one little area. I was expecting that more in the so.cal. area.

2005-12-02 04:33:37 ET

Suburb yo ass


2005-12-03 04:08:44 ET

Well, me and Noa live about 15 minute walk from each other, and Asi about 5 minute drive.

This is my apartment building:

Mine is the open balcony to the left. You can almost peer into my room :D

2005-12-05 13:39:36 ET

That's okay, don't link *my* name, you bastard...

Behold my magical 16-storey residence, ye innercity dwellers:

That's me there on the 12th floor waving hello...

2005-12-05 21:11:01 ET

You're on the thread, silly.

You knew they were comin' ?

2005-12-06 01:39:19 ET


2005-12-06 08:06:01 ET

the zoommap people

2005-12-06 12:43:37 ET

Of course silly! Can't you see we decorated the street with national flags just for them?

2005-12-07 13:49:50 ET

tosser ;)

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