I Spy
2005-11-24 12:54:27 ET

Reminder, and for those just joining in;

I'm Shay, 24 years old, Student of the world, but mainly Philosophy/Psychology in Tel-Aviv University. I live in a nice flat in Tel-Aviv, with a mad-scientist type flatmate. I work at a comics store, part-time. Sometimes I promote dodgy raves and stuff like that.
I like robots, and art, and stuff that put those two together in any interesting way.
You can stalk me here, or here, or even here.

Some of my old art and the occasional new piece go here, and for some reason I also have a flickr for pictures, which updates somewhat more frequently.
For my musical taste I guess you can look here, though I post an infrequent top 10 list on my deviantart journal for some reason.

Now, be nice, and tell me something interesting about you too.

2005-11-24 14:05:55 ET

i like your hair.

2005-11-24 14:43:18 ET

That picture of you is awesome.
And I think you already know about me. <33

2005-11-24 21:22:42 ET

Jessica - Thanks, now share something, dammit ;)
Angel - Danke schoen :]

2005-11-25 01:22:29 ET

hi, sex.

2005-11-25 06:27:21 ET

i like to make beepings.

2005-11-25 10:55:55 ET

*sigh* I'm surrounded by freaks.

I love you, my freaky freaks.

2005-11-25 11:53:08 ET

i love you more! ;-P

2005-11-25 15:10:31 ET

I love you too man!

2005-11-26 12:45:28 ET

*group hug*

2005-11-26 14:26:32 ET

/me farts

you squeezed so harrrd.

2005-11-26 21:08:41 ET

Yeah, I think Klemmy exploded too.

2005-11-27 01:53:19 ET

klemmy explosions are also known to be sexy

2005-11-27 08:32:17 ET

i did. i still can't find my spleen.

2005-11-27 10:39:11 ET


Think I found it.

2005-11-27 14:22:20 ET

why thank you sir, i need it. for what, i dunno.

2005-11-27 14:30:59 ET

The absence of a spleen predisposes to some septicaemia infections. Vaccination and antibiotic measures are discussed under asplenia.

* Some people congenitally completely lack a spleen, although this is rare.

* Sickle-cell disease can cause a functional asplenia (or autosplenectomy) by causing infarctions of the spleen during repeated sickle-cell crises.

* It may be removed surgically (known as a splenectomy), and indeed often is. For example, it may be removed following abdominal injuries with rupture and hemorrhage of the spleen, or in the treatment of certain blood diseases (Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, familial jaundice, hereditary spherocytosis, etc.), or for the removal of splenic tumours or cysts in your pants on a breezy wednesday afternoon in Jersey.

2005-11-27 21:54:01 ET

Wait, I want a hug too

2005-11-28 03:50:55 ET

::hugs angel:: there u go.

2005-11-28 07:21:03 ET


2005-11-28 08:35:35 ET

heh "asplena".

2005-11-28 17:56:09 ET

yes and that part about the pants and wednesday afternoon was totally part of the definition and i most certainly did not add that. not one bit. no sirree. true story.

2005-11-29 15:05:29 ET

I 120% believe in Lars.

2005-12-01 15:24:38 ET

Hi, I'm Asaf, personally I don't prefer self-exposure on the net, but magically I have a blog.

If you want to convince me to do something, a pair of female tits would do the main encouragement :>

2005-12-03 04:18:22 ET

Sadly, I have none of those. Ask Lars.

2005-12-03 15:55:59 ET

2005-12-03 21:35:55 ET


2005-12-04 01:45:51 ET

now did you actually post that image or did the site you posted the original image from replace it with that? ;-P

2005-12-04 03:41:11 ET

hehehehe, hard to tell innit ?

2005-12-04 19:27:09 ET

Hi, I'm Charles. I was a psychology and philosophy major, too. My school was obsessed with anglo-american/analytic philosophy, which I don't like, so I swtiched to sociology.

2005-12-04 22:48:36 ET


2005-12-04 23:46:15 ET

anti-anglo-american group hug!

2005-12-05 16:07:21 ET


2005-12-06 01:23:56 ET


2005-12-17 07:51:30 ET

i didnt know you make teh art.. you are even awesomer than previously fathomed

i like your sketches.. they have a certain motion quality about them...

smashed cellphones arepretty

2005-12-19 02:57:43 ET

*blushes to new extremes of blushiness*

Why thank you, mi'lady *bows*

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