Merry merry
2005-12-25 06:32:06 ET

Happy holidays to all my sk mates!

Skipped school today, too cold outside. Mid-semester syndrome kickin in hard this year.

Saw The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe yesterday. It was okay.

I for one am going to be staring at LOL JESUS for the next half an hour, then I'll be off the grid for tonight I think.

Peace, dawgs

:: Limahl - The Never-Ending Story ::

2005-12-25 08:25:40 ET

Happy Hanukkah!!!

I didn't like The Chronicles of Narnia all that much... I really liked the book as a kid though, and somehow I remembered it differently.
Oh, and we went to this really awesome place last night, btw. I was there once last year but i totally forgot it existed. You should check it out, it's on Hertzel ST. It's called "hamaalia" or something... :D

2005-12-25 18:06:25 ET

Happy Kwanza!

2005-12-27 09:48:40 ET

Maya - You'll have to take me ^___^

Rix0r - What is this made-up holiday I hear so much about?

2005-12-27 17:00:03 ET

I think it has something to do with black and red hats. I am actually, pretty ignorant as to the details.

"DEFINITION OF KWANZAA Kwanzaa is a unique African American celebration with focus on the traditional African values of family, community responsibility, commerce, and self-improvement. Kwanzaa is neither political nor religious and despite some misconceptions, is not a substitute for Christmas. It is simply a time of reaffirming African-American people, their ancestors and culture. Kwanzaa, which means "first fruits of the harvest" in the African language Kiswahili, has gained tremendous acceptance. Since its founding in 1966 by Dr. Maulana Karenga, Kwanzaa has come to be observed by more than18 million people worldwide, as reported by the New York Times. When establishing Kwanzaa in 1966, Dr. Karenga included an additional "a" to the end of the spelling to reflect the difference between the African American celebration (kwanzaa) and the Motherland spelling (kwanza)."

Thank you, Google! And thank you for pointing out my spelling error!

2005-12-30 13:20:03 ET

oh, so it really is a made-up holiday, I was just guessing.

2005-12-30 14:52:36 ET

I'll take you next time I'm in Israel (I'm back in Seattle now).
Oh, and Kwanzaa is just as made-up as Thanksgiving, I guess. Just because it's not a religious holiday, it doesn't mean it's not real. Many African americans celebrate it. (K, I'll stop being so politically correct now, I'm getting kind of queasy) :D

2005-12-31 03:33:01 ET

Of course thanksgiving is made up. All holidays are made-up, but it's still funny. You know, like Festivus, or those made-up names like Moesha.

2005-12-31 08:13:28 ET

Festivus rocks! I totally forgot to celebrate it this year. I wonder if Ben & Jerry's still make that ice cream...

2006-01-01 00:32:23 ET

When I rule the world, everyday will be a Festivus day.

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