teh drama
2006-02-11 06:16:18 ET

So, the night of my flight, we had a long long phonetalk, and it ended.

I think I've been handling it rather well. I even went out to the Coldcut gig.

I did see some of her friends there, and totally dodged them.

But, yeah, Que Sera Sera and stuff.

My sister posted a comment for me on my site which I kinda liked:

breakups suck but on the otherhand, they also give you free time and the option to look for a better bargain in the meat market we call singledom. also, heart squishidness reminds you that you have a heart, or feelings, which is easy to forget between having lunch and reading and driving places and remembering to use deodorant. suddenly you are like 'oh, lunch, what does it all mean?!', or 'deodorant...for who?'.

So, yeah.

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2006-02-11 16:27:34 ET

You will also find that there's all this mysterious free time on your hands...

...but my heart goes out to you on your breakup. That noise is never easy...:(

2006-02-12 17:09:02 ET

I'm sorry about your breakup, I didn't even know you had a girlfriend... It always hurts, even if you are the one that initiated it. I really liked what your sister posted as well, I just couldn't help but thinking, hey, I always have all those what-does-it-all-mean thoughts, and I never forget I have feelings since I'm a really emotional person, and... wait, I forgot what I wanted to say here... :\

2006-02-18 06:33:31 ET

Thanks peeps

Yanick - I haven't had free time since the late 20th century, don't expect to see any again anytime soon.. ;)
That's the thing with long-distance stuff. They don't actually take too much of your time.
(But yeah, it still sucks).

Maya - Her name is Daphna. Most of the time she lives in the UK. You missed her when she was here by like a week..

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