2006-02-27 10:49:35 ET


I'm 25 now.

It, like, feels totally different. Honest.

So anyway, stuck at home, have too many exams to not-feel guilty if I have any fun, so what's the bloody point, I say.
Just dicking off on makes me feel guilty, but I can't write this crazy paper nonstop, can I?

Cheers to everybody for all the love and devotion.

P.S. I pwn all of j0u.

2006-02-27 10:57:01 ET

Happy Birthday. 25 changed me a lot because I couldn't think of myself as a kid. And, since I was half way to 30, I realized that there is a limited amount of time to do all you buy discounted Eurorail passes, etc. ;P

2006-02-27 11:05:29 ET

Happy smurfday!

2006-02-27 12:28:53 ET

Smurfs know nothing of the turmoil they will soon face.

2006-02-27 14:44:54 ET

happy womb liberation day!

2006-02-28 01:46:55 ET

Thanks peeps, you all gain 5 rox0rz points!

2006-02-28 12:21:38 ET

A sugar coated marshmallow I am not.

2006-02-28 19:32:55 ET

oh shit, i'm a day late...

2006-03-01 18:28:45 ET

happy birthday, have fun being old now. <3

2006-03-04 07:04:47 ET

yayy :)

2006-03-15 06:00:43 ET


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