2006-04-08 05:37:07 ET

Could it be I haven't written here since late February..?

Crap. I must really NOT LOVE YOU GUYS ENOUGH.

Either that, or I'm being lowered to hell kicking and screaming by all my schoolwork.

It's reallly horrible, I haven't had any time for myself in so long. At least now Passover holiday is approahcing.. One more exam on monday, and I'll be pretty much free for a couple of weeks (and then more exams, yay).

Last night I dreamt they sold salt n' vinegar chips in Israel.

2006-04-08 08:50:23 ET

Good luck with exams. How much time until the end of the term?

Why no salt 'n' vinegar chips in Israel?

2006-04-08 21:50:44 ET

Neil and I are coming for a visit in June, remind me to bring you some ;p

2006-04-08 22:20:41 ET

thats my fave flavor of chips.

2006-04-09 05:52:20 ET

Chuck - Technically, this is still stuff dragged from the previous term. This term only started a few weeks ago. AND we don't have Salt n' Vinegar flavoured chips here. See why my life is horrible?

Maya - A) Yay! B) I will, and you betta :D

Lars - Mine too! But they failed the focus group testings. Israelis don't like sour :((

2006-04-09 09:20:17 ET


what do you have then, cotton candy flavored chips? X-D

2006-04-11 04:50:28 ET

I wish; We have various plays on barbeque.

2006-04-11 12:03:06 ET

bbq cotton candy flavor!

2006-04-13 05:56:56 ET

That actually sounds like refreshing awesomeness.

2006-04-14 11:59:24 ET

you're refreshing awesomeness.

2006-04-18 06:34:58 ET



2006-04-18 11:00:45 ET

<squeal> <glee>

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