foxtrot uniform charlie kilo
2006-04-13 06:19:05 ET

ah, this is some well-needed vacation.

I got 67 on my paper on Wittgenstein & rulesfollowing, which was the lowest grade in my class. The average was around 90 with sd of about 9-10. So, basically, I screwed up bad, which kinda makes me want to scream.
I mean, I know it wasn't the best thing I've ever written, but comeon, it's not like I mocked Wittgie's homosexuality or anything.
Now I have to meet with the teach and see wtf I did that was so unbarably wrong, and hope it's either a mistake, or maybe she'll let me resubmit anew.
This is so not what I need right now. Worse comes to worse I tell the office not to count this class and take another class, but it's annoying, I was probably one of her best students, how the hell does this happen to me on not one, but two classes?? The other being The Problem of Consciousness, which despite being one of the better students in class, (the prof. said as much himself) I managed to get a lousy 82 on my assignment. I guess me and David Rosenthal aren't friends afterall.
This is of course, karma getting back at me for bragging about definately getting a rector excellence award in philosophy this year, because up till now my grade-score average was about 95.
Oh, and let us not forget the shit I'm getting in Psychology. The prof. friggin' gave me as an example student as I answered correct all the higher-end 'defining' questions on his exam. But of course, I fucked up everything else, so I need to take psychophysics again. I'm also pretty much scared to death about CogPsy, despite it being one of my favourite subjects.
Isn't it annoying that you fail miserably in the things you actually like and want to succeed in, while miraculously get scores like 93 in ANOVA which bores me to no end?

So as you can see, I hate the universe now.
But at least I get to rest a bit during passover.


2006-04-13 07:10:23 ET

That sucks about the phil. exam.

Cog psych was one of my favorite classes. It's hard, but it's also interesting enough to make the effort to study worth while.


2006-04-13 09:09:35 ET

I love Cog Psy, but it's the same prof. as Psychophysics (Sense and Perception for you maybe?), and his exams are orders of magnitude more difficult than the actual subject matter.
Like, how the fuck am I supposed to calculate logarithms in my head?? I never even studied physics before :/

2006-04-13 09:16:19 ET

logarithms are easy
just add when you multiply


2006-04-13 14:54:00 ET

i hate you

2006-04-13 15:47:40 ET

The change in the moon's color is caused as some sunlight refracts through the Earth's atmosphere and reachs the shadowed space. Among such refracting lights, those of a longer wavelength, or redder lights, are less distorted by the Earth's atmosphere and therefore could reach the moon.

2006-04-18 06:37:15 ET

OooOoo. Shiny.

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