Let it just be said
2006-05-13 12:30:07 ET

That I completely deny writing the previous post.
Such are guilty pleasures.

Oh my.

:: Listening to Bloodhound Gang Inhale Blacksmoke - Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo ::

2006-05-13 12:39:00 ET

well i think the fact that you're listening to the bloodhound gang sort of screws you over again in the 'guilty pleasure' catigory ;-P ;-D

2006-05-13 12:44:29 ET

Yes, but note (as in the previous entry) the Blacksmoke remix. Blacksmoke ist krieg.

2006-05-13 13:35:47 ET



2006-05-14 08:09:14 ET


2006-05-14 18:59:31 ET

goodness is silly!

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