What am I doing?
2006-05-24 11:50:49 ET

You ask? Dicking off on the internets.
Instead of studying for my exam in psychophyics. Oh my.

When oh when will I be able to just fuckin INJECT all this booklearnin through my skull and be done with it.


Guh, I tell you. GUH.

2006-05-24 11:55:19 ET

Neo did that shit in the matrix so it should be possible. Movies don't EVER lie. Especially not movies with Keanu Reeves. Seen Johnny Mnemonic?

2006-05-24 11:58:00 ET

Good luck. My favorite part of psych. was studying "fundamentals of learning" and having a hard time with it.

"What are you studying?"
"I am studying learnin'."

2006-05-24 12:03:35 ET

Scientology has tons of books on learning.

2006-05-24 12:05:22 ET

I would be afraid to look.

2006-05-24 12:07:42 ET

You read my mind Pezzy. WHOA, I KNOW KUNG FU is the shiz.

Luckily for me, Chuck, I haven't taken any courses in Learning yet. I do feel like a Pavlovian dog most days of the week, though.
You don't mind if I call you Chuck, btw?

2006-05-24 12:08:39 ET

It's true dat, cuz everything a science fiction writer says is also concrete absolute truth.

2006-05-24 12:09:46 ET

Chuck is fine. *positive reinforces*

2006-05-24 12:12:02 ET

Weee *rewarded*

2006-05-24 12:13:30 ET

Hah, I kept forgetting to ask if it was ok to call you Chuck. *keeps in mind*

2006-05-24 12:16:46 ET

no no, you can learn from my experience - observational learning we callz it. Despite being completely common sensical, I believe it was discovered fairly recently through meticulous experiments collectively known as MONKEYTORTURE.

2006-05-24 12:18:32 ET

I think that trying it on Americans would give it more experimental validity.

2006-05-24 12:27:04 ET

Eh, it's just a restriction of range, I think the face validity is intact.

2006-05-24 14:33:13 ET

hey don't talk about my pal guh like that.

2006-05-27 09:15:46 ET


2006-05-27 11:01:49 ET

*grinds teeth*

2006-05-27 13:49:29 ET

A great mind becomes a great fortune, and all great fortune is beholden to a greater slavery.

Toil to inject beer, not knowledge, friend. :)

2006-05-27 14:46:10 ET

you're just jealous.

2006-05-28 05:50:40 ET

oh em gee, it's Master Drake!

2006-05-28 06:39:18 ET

Breaking New Ground

2006-05-28 14:54:02 ET

I'm baaack bitches. >:]

2006-05-28 18:32:52 ET

Yeaah boii.

2006-05-31 06:37:13 ET

Glorious times ahead..!

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