Injected with a Poison
2006-06-04 09:20:31 ET

On a scale of 1 - 10, how much do I not care for my upcoming exam period?

guess, please.


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2006-06-04 10:18:38 ET

I'm kinda dreading going back to school... I guess that explains my desire to party while I can (hence my headach right now :\ )
I hope you'll still have time to hang out when I'm in town...

2006-06-04 17:19:50 ET


2006-06-04 17:32:45 ET


2006-06-04 21:18:03 ET


2006-06-05 10:17:14 ET

I didn't define the scale, you people just flunked Quantitative Research Methods.

Which means, I own your souls, kidneys and future wives (yes, your future wife too, RiotGirl). But you already knew that.

Maya - I think I can explain my 5-day old headache as related to my hang over, but this shit will explain my upcoming 5-week-long headache. Glorious.

2006-06-06 14:22:54 ET

haha would my girlfriend suffice? well she's not really my girlfriend. but like kind of. we're just best friends.

2006-06-07 05:52:58 ET

I'm afraid there's no room for exceptions, really, lest the whole "fascist regime" thing comes crashing down, and people start demanding rights, and then it's work work work. We can't have any of that. No, I'm afraid it has to be your future wife.

2006-06-07 10:00:27 ET

wait a minute fucker, you said on a scale of 1 - 10.

I'll be taking my kidneys (or what's left of them), future harem, and soul back now because you clearly defined a scale, and aside from that, my vote always transcends a clearly defined scale anyway because I'm fucking cool like that and I don't adhere to your hu-mon 'scales'.

the opressive walls of "wordiness" will not chain my heretic soul! BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD, FALSE MEASURER OF FEELINGS AND WORTH!!!!

2006-06-07 12:05:25 ET

Sorry, no refunds. *closed*

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