pizza and kierkegaard
2006-06-18 15:45:43 ET

So, I just met up with Maya and her boi. They're visiting Israel so they brought me salt n' vinegar chips, and in exchange I had to entertain them with my amazing social skillz :D

We talked random stuff, and politics, and ate pizza. Then we watched Uncle Nagy's House (anyone know what's up with Meghan?) and House of Cosbys and Wonder Showzen and stuff. It was awesome.

Other than that, I should be asleep now, shite.

:: Listening to: Aryia - My Revenge on The World ::

2006-06-18 15:58:34 ET

Where's the Kierkegaard?! I read that for some Kierkegaard action!!

2006-06-18 16:00:02 ET

Ha! Well, you should've been at the pizza place then.

Actually, there was no Kierkegaard. More like "American Football vs. Actual Football" kinda thing.

Sorry, There aren't any truth in advertising laws when it comes to journal posts (I think).

2006-06-18 16:11:56 ET

It's fine, I'll just tell you the answer to the "Football Vs. Football question":

American Football is the Real Football. ;)

2006-06-18 16:14:04 ET

Haha, I kinda think of it as pussy rugby.

If you want to hear my philosophical rants and raves, you should check out my site.

2006-06-19 09:17:07 ET

MMM. Salt 'n Vinegar.

2006-06-19 09:31:27 ET

Did 'we' invent hockey?

Seriously, I don't know jack about sports, but hockey seems pretty violent.

2006-06-19 09:33:10 ET

Gymnastics is actually the one sport more violent than Hockey. At least injury-wise.

That's pretty much all I know about sports except I'm pretty good at softball and suck at volleyball. Oh but I fucking WHOOP ASS at Badminton.

2006-06-19 09:34:54 ET

*sigh* I asked the cool guy from IL, not the annoying girl from Ca. But, sure, act like I care what your opinion is :P (That's a joke!!! *ducks*)

2006-06-19 09:36:58 ET

Hey cool guy from IL will assure you that the "annoying" girl from CA is in fact not annoying but rather fucking AWESOME and will rip your face clean off with her teeth (and you've seen them), MATHBOY.

2006-06-19 10:51:22 ET

In fact, Prof., if it weren't for that disclaimer, I'd be forced to send in the troops to break your kneecaps.
Letty is the awesomenest.
Almost as awesome as Salt n' Vinegar.

I know nothing about sports. Nothing. But I'm pretty sure Hockey is man-made, it didn't come with nature.

2006-06-19 10:53:30 ET

Can't compete against salt n' vinegar. I admit defeat. haha

2006-06-19 11:57:13 ET

see? Gracious to the very end.

2006-06-19 12:30:48 ET !
ymmmm....salt and vinegar ....i guess i must go get something to eat now :)

2006-06-19 12:31:57 ET

I'm eating an oldskool popsicle :]

2006-06-19 12:37:41 ET

ones with the jokes on the sticks

Where are the biggest diamonds in america?
In baseball parks.

2006-06-19 12:38:48 ET

or heres a even better one.......

What do you call someone who is crazy about hot chocolate?
A cocoa-nut.

2006-06-19 12:45:29 ET

You are hungry ;)

2006-06-19 12:59:17 ET

Hey, you should try the Kettle chips too, they're really good. Neil and I had fun, sorry for keeping you up that late though... We might be in town tomorrow night too, so I'll give you a call. :]

2006-06-19 14:02:20 ET

You do that :]

2006-06-19 14:18:27 ET


2006-06-19 14:31:32 ET

That's the one!

2006-06-20 13:12:22 ET

Oh yeah, I could feel my palate corroding. mmm...

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