2006-06-25 10:06:45 ET

Okay, so, I have a confession.

I'm addicted to documentaries.

Last night, after studying 8 hours straight for my exam today in 19-20th Century (German) Philosophy, I watched half a dozen episodes of Mark Steel Lectures.
Granted, not much of a doco, but it was simply hillarious.

That is all.

ADDENDUM: Okay, come to think of it, it could be related to the time. It was 4 o'clock, and I'd been completely decaffed, detoxed and destabalized for several hours.
But come on, Karl Marx sitting butt naked in a Big Brother apartment commune? Classy.

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2006-06-25 13:24:16 ET

Listen here, bucko. I won't take any more of your threats. Come get a hug.

2006-06-25 15:59:39 ET

Moonicorns hug??

2006-06-25 21:54:08 ET


2006-06-26 10:36:14 ET

Ah, makes more sense like that.

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