Found on the internets
2006-07-02 13:16:32 ET

Some random interesting things found on the intarwub:

* House of Cosbys. Sheer genius. Kudos to Maya for this one.

* Not one but two separate cases of religious people proving the theory of evolution via a process of natural selection correct.

* "STUFF" a short film by Johnny Depp and Gibson Haynes, about the life of Red Hot Chili Pepper's guitarist John Frusciante (with a cameo appearance by Timothy Leary).

* Trippy 70's French animation Fantastic Planet, soundtrack rescored with idm tracks by the likes of aphex twin, venetian snares, prefuse 73, matmos, clue to kalo, etc. by the talented everyone.doesntexist.

* Psychology of big mistakes and important decisions - A video of Nobel prize-winnning Prof. Daniel Kahneman speaking at the Van Leer institute in Jerusalem. His speech starts at about 12:00mins.


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2006-07-03 12:10:02 ET

Fantastic Planet is amazing. So, I take it someone did a new soundtrack?

2006-07-03 13:51:54 ET

Yeah, everyone.doesntexist re-scored it with IDM tracks.

I'm pretty sure I used to see Fantastic Planet all the time when I was a kid; hence all the trauma.

I mean, it's a cartoon. Must be for kids, right?

2006-07-03 20:20:46 ET

I'm haunted by the image of those people being crushed.

2006-07-04 03:51:09 ET


Another name to add to the list of things I watched when I probably shouldn't have.

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