2006-07-03 04:45:51 ET

I'm doing everything in my power to avoid studying for my exam thursday in social psychology.




:: Listening to: Genitorturers - Sin City ::

2006-07-03 06:22:58 ET

That's easy.

Realize you're not going to study, ever, and give up.

2006-07-03 07:37:37 ET


Solid advice, there. Coming from a Professor, that is.

2006-07-03 07:44:54 ET

I'm not a Professor.

And you're apparently not studying, still!

Seriously, though, sometimes the best way to get something done is to set it aside for a bit and do something else. Too much thinking about what I should be doing and not what I want to do has gotten me into much trouble in the past.

2006-07-03 08:52:54 ET

Indeed. But to me, procrastinating is a disease. I need to assert at least some control.. Ah, fuckit, I'm going out for a run.
Later, prof.

2006-07-03 09:22:18 ET

See? Told you so.

2006-07-03 10:04:11 ET

Music is so much better when you need to study. Buy a few new CDs.

2006-07-03 13:50:37 ET

Speaking of which, I need to find new music to listen to. I'm regurgitating here, as you can see.

2006-07-04 10:20:14 ET

and you just couldn't procrastinate when i was in israel, huh? ;]
speaking of music,
i just went to the music store a couple of nights ago, and almost bought 7 albums, but i had to narrow it down to 3 because i needed to buy food as well, and trust me, i had to think about it for a while (i was there for almost 2 hours). i didn't really buy anything new though, just albums i've wanted to get for a long time, but they never carried them, and now they expended the store, so they have more selection, so i'm gonna shut up now.

2006-07-04 12:27:17 ET

Ooo. Fun.

But you know, I think all I need is enough money to be able to eat and buy 3 albums a month. It sounds like a fair life :]

2006-07-06 19:24:08 ET


2006-07-09 00:20:52 ET

dude, when was the last time you promoted ANYTHING???

2006-07-09 10:22:21 ET

Drake - Have you ever played Rampage? ;)

Noa - Uh.. What?

2006-07-09 10:33:40 ET

I love playing as the monkey :0

2006-07-09 14:20:45 ET

hehehe, George, yeah, he's awesome.

2006-07-25 03:23:56 ET

Talking about your bio on the front page

2006-07-25 03:44:07 ET

בואנא, לא היית פה איזה שנה ואת ישר באה בתלונות.

but, here, fix0red, just for you. Sheesh.

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