Never doubt the power of denial
2006-07-15 14:30:54 ET

Tel-Aviv is truly a magical place.

Go 30 miles to one direction and you have bombings.
Go 30 miles to another direction and you have misery.
Go 30 miles to yet another direction and you have both misery and bombings.

The last direction is the sea, and that's where most Tel-Avivi people chose to spend today. Some were jogging, some were bicycling, some were just laying around on the beach.

Tel-Aviv is truly a magical place.
We hold in our hearts the secret magick of denial.

2006-07-16 01:26:17 ET

Escapism galore!
You kind of have to though, when you live there, for the sake of your sanity, really.
I'm all the way over here and I'm worried sick. You should see what they show on the news here too, so fucking biased, makes me want to send angry emails to all the stations.

2006-07-16 02:08:01 ET

I'm assuming biased.. Not to our side?

Really, I kinda understand it. It doesn't matter if we're 100% right, and that no other sane free country would allow rocket attacks and kidnapping by a foreign nation in it's borders; The fact is, that economically speaking, these countries have a strategic interest in this region being quiet.

So it just doesn't matter how justified we are, nothing will ever justify them losing money.

2006-07-16 04:06:58 ET

magical indeed
came to an office in azrieli today, and it was half empty - people afraid to go to work in TA.
can't wait for the miluim to come, I can just see it.

2006-07-16 04:13:40 ET

yeesh and yeesh

2006-07-16 08:39:03 ET

Hey Dima, haven't seen you here in ages. And people skip work any opportunity they get, I'm betting they're all at the beach too.
I, for one, am actually not looking forward to doing any reserve duty. ;)

Corey - Yes(h), indeed.

2006-07-16 10:59:24 ET

heh, I'm here... and there. I'm only looking forward to reserve duty cos I want to get it over with asap, too much work and grand plans up ahead to let a war get in the way :)
how've you been anyway?

2006-07-16 13:55:29 ET

We'll let you marry Turbo so you can become an American.

2006-07-16 14:11:43 ET

Been doing great, yep. School/work/school/work is my usual piece of sanity. What've you been up too?

Chuck - a capital idea, my friend.

2006-07-16 21:17:04 ET

me? work work work... Dima's a dull boy now :)
aaaand I managed to go to Canadiana, have a look at Antony Green and some non SK friends there :)
she's a doll :)

2006-07-17 02:21:55 ET

Ah, Canadia. Shweet :]

2006-07-17 06:51:36 ET

yup :))

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