Liff During Wartime
2006-07-24 02:37:32 ET

It's weird, ya know? We hardly feel it in Tel-Aviv, tell you the truth. Sure, I'm plugged to the news like never before, and any minute now I could get called for reserve duty, but other than that, it's life as usual.
Fucked up, eh?
A guy from Haifa came to the store the other day to pick up a volume of Dave Mack's KABUKI for his girlfriend. He told me he'd spent the entire past week in his bomb shelter.
Me? I don't even have a bomb shelter, this building is too old.
Not that it seems to concern anyone. Everybody in Tel-Aviv is at the beach today.

It's like the people in the north are living under a blitz, and we're drinking fruitshakes and going to peace rallies.

I wrote a bit more in my blog about this bizzare war. It's like a spectator sport, you know you wanna know. Go, read.

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2006-07-24 05:51:19 ET

Good luck. I hope everyone you know stays safe.

It seems like people have no choice but to keep their old routines and wait. Bleh.

2006-07-24 07:16:47 ET

Thanks d00d.

2006-07-24 07:59:25 ET

Gosh, I hope it stays that way... I mean, I feel bad for those people up north, but I really hope it stays so it doesn't really affect you much. <3

2006-07-24 10:39:17 ET

Aww, you luff me :]

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