Back from the dead
2006-10-25 07:30:52 ET

It's been a couple of amazing, intense and beautiful weeks out in New York, but now I'm back home. I can't say it's good to be back. Nope. I have yet to sleep and I've already been to school. A bit of a shocker, mind you. It was okay, but God..

There definately was a little voice inside me that said "Fuck. Man. Stay. Don't go back."

Last time I heard that voice was Amsterdam (or was it London?) 1999, right before I joined the army.

I love New York. I love the city. Really. One day, I'll live there, I'm sure.

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2006-10-25 08:57:03 ET

Almost any new place holds a bedazzling, alien appeal. But are you considering the things you already have and appreciate less than you should?

2006-10-25 13:21:46 ET

move to los angeles instead, ya hump O-:<

2006-10-25 14:48:49 ET

Rix - I know what you mean. and I know that it's very different touring somewhere and living somewhere. But I gotta say, I miss my parents more here in Tel-Aviv, a mere 30min drive away, then I did during the whole 2 weeks out there. I've travelled around quite a bit for someone my age, and this'll be my 4th time in Tel-Aviv and I can honestly say I've always been enchanted by this city. All my other addictions - things in my life I find difficult to change - should be less significant.
I guess this goes along with a whole theme I'm going through now.. With my final year in my BA starting, and it'll pass before I know it, I know. Last year whisked away in no time, and I'll find myself 26 years old, with a degree in psychology/philosophy, moving out from this apartment when my lease ends without a clue in the world where to go next. Do I travel..? Go back to my parents place..? Find a better job than a comics store clerk? Sign up for an MA? And if so, where..? Maybe I should be signing up for a GMAT right now, who knows. It's just one of those periods where change is apparent, and I need to start thinking about the rest of my life.

Lars - you know the west coast is up next as my US travel destination. I have a few friends moving to the LA area, but honestly, I've been to LA before and I never connected much to that city. Frisco was nice, and so was Seattle, and Vegas even more, but NYC has my heart I'm afraid.

2006-10-25 17:37:07 ET

Understandable. I'd reccomend you travel after school, though. It might start getting harder as you get more settled into whatever step is next in your life.

2006-10-25 21:57:10 ET

Psssh. Come to Kansas. You'll love it, I swearrrrrrr.

2006-10-26 02:11:24 ET

Rix - Good call. I'd love to visit Australia and New Zealand, and maybe stop in the far east somewhere while I'm in the area.. Maybe Japan.

Angel - By the time I reach Kansas, you'll have escaped elsewhere, and then what'll I do..?

2006-10-26 02:33:35 ET

holy shit don't go to kansas. i love angel but i grew up in north dakota...the midwest can seriously fuck a person up d-:

2006-10-26 02:51:29 ET

haha, yeah, I never actually intended on going to Kansas. I did visit Angel briefly when she was in Des Moines though, so I figure it's her turn anyway. ^__^

2006-10-26 03:15:12 ET

yeah...angel needs to get out of the midwest O-:<

2006-10-26 04:23:01 ET

I've been a bit fascinated with the idea of Africa lately, myself.

2006-10-26 06:02:43 ET

dude why didnt you call me?!?!

2006-10-26 12:19:52 ET

probably the same reason he came to socal and i didnt find out till he was about to leave O-:<

2006-10-26 12:37:14 ET

Rix - Africa you say? Hmmmmmmm

Gus - I'm sorry man, I suck many and much :( Didn't have nearly as much time for meetups as I'd have liked, as I was travelling with ye olde friends and mostly visiting old Jerusalem expats. I was hoping I'd catch you in Das Bunker or Contempt though.. sigh. Didn't see Bio either :/
*lowers head in shame*

Lars - Were you even in Socal when I was there..? Weren't you in some Montanna hellhole or something? And again, I was in socal for a few days and had some horrible family to visit, a car to sell, and other such crap. Didn't see much of Socal at alll, come to think of it.

2006-10-26 12:55:24 ET

no i was in socal then, but at the time you thought i was in montana ;-P

ah well.

and see, this is why you must come back and actually see l.a. - weren't you primarily in orange county when you were here? orange county sucks ballz ;-P

2006-10-26 18:26:36 ET

I am going to plan an exodus to Israel now

effective.. immediately. :]

2006-10-27 14:50:11 ET

Lars - Nope, I was almost exclusively in Santa Monica.

Angel - I'll be in here 40 years, waiting :]

2006-10-28 12:55:24 ET

I think it'd be good to get away from home for a few years. That's what I am trying to do now....

You could plan an MA in NYC. School is an easy way to set-up in a new city.

2006-10-28 14:34:39 ET

I was thinknig of that, actually. I would need a scholarship though, as school in the US is muy expensive...

Any ideas..? :)

2006-10-29 00:46:10 ET

Many doctorate programs offer full funding, and people can leave them with only a master's degree. Apply for a non-US citizen fullbright or something like it. Look through American Jewish groups for scholarships (that might seem odd, but there's a ton of private money for students in the US based on ancestry).

2006-10-29 20:42:10 ET

Not so odd, there's a ton of burseries in London based on your zone in the tube (or therabout). Cheers, I will :)

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