2006-12-19 07:40:37 ET

The following is a pretty accurate transcript + translation of a phone conversation I just had at work.

Me: "Comikaza, hello, how may I be of service?"
Lady: "Hi, this is Hana from the Cameri Theatre Club."
Me: "Uh, hi there."
Lady: "Might I interest you in a season ticket to our lovely shows?"
Me: "Er, this is a place of business..?"
Lady: "Ah. So you must be working all the time then?"
Me: "Actually I.."
Lady: "Shame, you're missing out on a lot of wonderful things in life."
Me: "Yes, I know, thank you for the painful reminder."
Lady: "So maybe you'd like to buy season ticket for our wonderful theatre?"
Me: "Goodbye ma'am."

2006-12-19 09:25:37 ET


people usually have the sense to hang up after I answer with the company name, but occasionally someone will press on till I tell them it's a place of business

2006-12-19 16:37:06 ET

perhaps you should show Hana the finer edge of a hunting knife.

2006-12-20 04:01:17 ET

see now the fun thing to do with telemarketers is to counter them by trying to sell them something else.

2006-12-20 14:47:51 ET

It's an endless battle of Man vs. Service Industry Automaton.

Just today my flatmate told me Orange (his cellphone carrier) wants to charge him for moving his plan to his company's plan as if he were changing ownership. He has a document where he has to sign as both the seller and the buyer of his mobile phone-line.

2006-12-20 16:18:52 ET

thats fantastic

2006-12-26 10:14:39 ET

hahaha... That's an interesting approach to sales.

2007-01-06 06:12:02 ET

The Israeli mind never ceases to amaze me.

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