2006-12-24 13:46:22 ET

And also, merry whatever-you-celebrate and a happy new year..!

2006-12-24 13:54:44 ET

Wreck the Malls with Cows on Harleys...

Heh. Happy holidays to you too!

2006-12-24 19:47:42 ET

same to u sir

2007-01-06 06:12:43 ET


2007-01-06 14:37:42 ET

i have gas!

2007-01-06 23:48:46 ET

well ain't you jumpin jack flash

2007-01-07 00:42:32 ET

only sometimes.

2007-01-07 09:13:08 ET

Maya told me you whined there wasn't enough smog in Seattle. HA.INTARNASHONAL GOSSIP.

2007-01-07 14:32:30 ET

lol...i dig seattle..and i don't think it was the lacking smog i noticed - moreso the lacking light pollution ;-P

2007-01-08 04:36:07 ET

dude, you're so like me.
I was on the top of this gorgeous hill in the Scotish Highlands, texting my mother that it's absolutely gorgeous, and where's my redbull and pollution.

2007-01-08 04:43:52 ET

red bull and pollution are my friends, dammit. that clearn mountainous country is nice and all but i just couldn't live there.

2007-01-08 04:44:59 ET

and well see the thing about l.a. is, even if there's not really any smog in the air, there's still a glow on the horizon at night because socal is basically thousands of square miles of solid city. its not really like many other places in that respect.

2007-01-08 14:21:02 ET

rather disturbing, I must say.

2007-01-08 14:27:49 ET

oh i love it ;-P

its spread out enough so nothing gets too overcrowded save for traffic sucking once in a while. and the amount of culture here is really nice.

2007-01-09 15:48:39 ET



You getin me an iPhone.?

2007-01-09 15:50:44 ET

sure. once im rich ;-P

2007-01-09 15:58:41 ET

So, any day now, yah?

2007-01-09 16:04:24 ET

yes. just waiting to stumble upon the fabled los angeles money tree of yore.

2007-01-12 07:28:00 ET

Let me know when itäs on the waz.
BTW, Iäm in Berlin, and these people have weird kezboards, which I refuse to adapt to. So there.

2007-01-12 15:12:02 ET

i will definately let you know when itäs on the waz. ;-P

i wish i were in berlin.

2007-01-14 07:15:03 ET

I am no longer.

Also, I'm proud of you for using the subjunctive mood.

2007-01-14 17:32:00 ET

you put me in a subjunctive mood and i want to sub your junc all night long.

2007-01-14 19:46:23 ET

sub juction hard kore!

2007-01-15 11:53:19 ET

subjunk is a great name for like a hardcore party crew.

2007-01-15 14:41:26 ET

and/or this guy

2007-01-16 04:56:47 ET

By now pretty much any random assortment of letters has a myspace account attached to it.

2007-01-16 05:20:00 ET

2007-01-16 05:23:01 ET


2007-01-16 06:34:11 ET

God I hate myspace.

2007-01-16 14:13:50 ET

but myspace loves you! - and it also claims you're a girl. wtf, mate?

2007-01-21 13:39:31 ET

i dunno d00d. :O

2007-01-21 14:14:40 ET

all i know is that if its on myspace, it must be true. you have some splainin ta do ;-P

2007-01-21 14:22:18 ET

yes, for the internets doesn't lie.

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