2007-01-27 10:31:36 ET

Did nothing today, weee.

The semester is over, and I have about a week before ridiculous finals period begins. So, today I spent sleeping, smoking, watching crazy Japanese flics ('CURE' in case you're wondering), and beating my neighbour in Soul Calibur 2.
Yesterday some fancy British DJ was spinning dnb downtown, but I seriously couldn't get myself to go..
I'm sho old. Yes I am.

See, this is why people retire. You get to an age where being completely fucked for the next 3 days stops being so goddamn appealing.

Anyway, it's 22:30 already, and I honestly can't see myself do anything except drool over the keyboard and sleep. Wish me luck.

:: Listening to: Mission of Burma - That's When I Reach For My Revolver ::

2007-01-27 21:51:52 ET

I'm right there with you on the "being too old to get fucked for 3 days" thing.
I'm not sure if it's the physical age or just having too many responsibilities though. I had a conversation a while ago with someone younger than me and I tried to explain to him that I feel too old to drop acid or do shrooms for the first time, I feel like I missed the train in a sense, but I don't view it as a bad thing necessarily. He just didn't get it.

2007-01-28 12:32:30 ET

Yeah. Them youngins just don't get it, do they..?

2007-01-28 14:36:01 ET

Durn whippersnappers...

2007-01-31 00:19:37 ET

I am.. flabbergasted.

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