2007-04-07 08:55:57 ET



Was at the beach today, haven't done that in eons. Now I'm housesitting at my folks place while they party in Italy,

Such is life ;)

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2007-04-07 13:44:47 ET

woo...i kinda wanna go to the beach now

2007-04-08 03:32:48 ET

So do it.

2007-04-08 03:52:14 ET

maybe later...i'd like to go take a stroll on the beach at nighttime again sometime soon...

2007-04-08 18:12:05 ET

i havent been to the beach in forever and ever. :/

2007-04-10 05:04:52 ET

actually, me either. Which is ridiculous, because I live walking distance from the sea.

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