2007-04-20 14:53:53 ET

I'm eating a wild boar game sandwich.

Carry on.

2007-04-20 15:48:08 ET

...does it chicken?

2007-04-20 20:19:09 ET

i played a wild boar game once and lost.

2007-04-20 21:08:07 ET

fuckin sweet. <3

2007-04-23 15:23:21 ET

Yan - Not really, though it's 'beefier' than pork is normally. Chewy. Dunno if that's cuz it's game or cuz it's wild boar, who are more muscular or whatever.
Lars - I think it's called Asterix & Obelix XXL.
Angel - Werd. You should've seen my dad pull the chunk of meat out of his briefcase.

2007-04-23 15:49:15 ET

i'll pull a chunk of meat out of my "briefcase". <wiggles eyebrows>

2007-04-23 21:13:44 ET



2007-04-25 01:12:15 ET

Lars is naughty, but I totally meant it literally. One of his lawyer-friends is a hunter apparently and he gave it to him in the office, so he brought it home in his briefcase.

2007-04-25 02:06:10 ET

you make me naughty!

2007-04-28 11:39:41 ET

It's the schwine.

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