Still too lazy to change the bio, but...
2002-07-29 09:43:25 ET

Today I (again) fell asleep a few hours before waking up. This insomnia thing is taking over. I guess I'm just stressed out a bit. Ho, well, hopefully I'll be drowning my sorrows in some blessed alcohol later these eve. It's electro night at the Balcony in Tel Aviv and I intend to forget my name. Tah tah...

Me friends/foes/just go there already: Lady Orion -=- Noa Blah -=- MyBrokenPromise -=- Sykospark -=- Fallen Angel

2002-07-30 10:37:55 ET

insomnia is such a fucking bitch....

heh....hope the name forgetting thing went ummm...well...

2002-07-30 10:44:54 ET

It was a mixed-feeling night at The Balcony. Didn't forget my name, but it was... Fun. Most of the time anyway.

2002-07-30 10:50:23 ET

good deal...wheres the balcony at?

2002-07-30 11:12:02 ET

downtown Tel-Aviv,...Wait I already said that. Do you know Tel-Aviv??

2002-07-30 11:12:51 ET retarded

2002-07-30 11:19:40 ET

S'okay. Didn't think so. :)

2002-07-30 11:20:51 ET gonna fill me in, or do i have to retarded all my life?

2002-07-30 11:24:29 ET

Milky Way, Sol, Earth, Eurasia, Israel, Tel-Aviv, downtown, 5 Nachlat Binyamin St. :)

2002-07-30 11:25:31 ET

told you i was a fuckign moron.....

never DID pass geography....;)
much appreciated....thanks...glad you had fun

what was teh drink of choice?

2002-07-30 11:26:41 ET


2002-07-30 11:27:29 ET

none too bad
im more of a vodka-cranberry juice person meself

2002-07-30 11:32:19 ET

Thascool, but I'm a beer person (*petting my beerbelly*).

2002-07-30 11:34:29 ET

never really liked it

maybe cause my mommys a lush....and beer's her fav....yuck....alcholic parents suck

2002-07-30 11:40:28 ET

:/ Yep. I'm a social drinker. Nominally, I don't do it alone.

2002-07-30 11:42:08 ET

thats cool

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