And to think it was only Tuesday yesterday...
2002-07-31 12:47:17 ET

Well, huh! It's almost Thursday now!!

"Ack! A horde of stampeding wildebeasts are after me!" - Me, today.

2002-07-31 17:03:37 ET

run from them

dont forget to hide

2002-07-31 23:28:10 ET

aren't you in the army? shoot 'em!

2002-08-01 07:03:19 ET

There weren't reeeeaaally after me. They were after my Smokey Sandwich.

2002-08-02 00:12:51 ET

shoot 'em anyway LOL. sandwiches are too important

2002-08-02 03:06:16 ET

Yes. Das true. *BANG!*

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